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Infrastructure, Hotels & Mixed Business | Nth/Sth America


Blackstone Group LP, the private equity giant with ambitions for the largest-ever infrastructure fund, is seeking as much as $10 billion to supplement a $20 billion anchor commitment for the pool before it starts investing, people with knowledge of the plans said.


The Oklahoma City mayor who became famous for using urban design to help his town lose a million pounds offered praise Wednesday for Omaha’s strides in walkable redevelopment.


The hotel which played host to the Beatles, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Truman Capote is now on the market


You can now spend the night in President Donald Trump's childhood home - for a good bit more than you'd spend on a room at his luxury hotel in downtown Washington.


E-commerce has been blamed for the struggles of retail real estate, but is proving to be a boon for owners of data centers and cell towers.


It's a bit surprising that the most wished for Airbnb listing is not a mansion, but rather a treehouse


Walt Disney Co. said it will build an immersive “Star Wars” hotel at its resort in Orlando, Florida, as part of a flurry of investments announced Saturday by the company’s theme-park division.


The $490 million Parq Vancouver project is using its Las Vegas roots to create a non-Vegas experience.


You can already get a pedicure and a massage inside the terminal, so why not a full workout while you wait, wait, and wait?


The luxurious hotel concept would connect 13 major cities in America, while sharply reducing the cost and hassle of modern travel


Like paintings and sculptures, buildings can be beautiful works of art.


After a one-foot wide slab of plaster fell from the ceiling, officials were forced to close the New York Public Library’s Rose Main Reading Room.


Solar arrays need not be situated in out-of-the-way agricultural fields


As he seeks models for his planned $1 trillion infrastructure program, President Donald Trump is looking halfway around the world for inspiration: Australia.


President Donald Trump’s plan to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure with $1 trillion of private and public investment over a decade is drawing interest from 10,000 miles away.


President Donald Trump pushed his White House team on Wednesday to craft a plan for $1 trillion in infrastructure spending that would pressure states to streamline local permitting, favor renovation of existing roads and highways over new construction and prioritize projects that can quickly begin construction.


The proposal relaxes certain design rules on upper floors.


The first hotel to bear the name of U.S. President Donald Trump since he took office has a view of Vancouver harbor and snow-capped peaks beyond.


Westfield Corp. recognized more than a decade ago that the long-term outlook for shopping centers was rough. So it changed course.


Not only was Super Bowl 51 a big win for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, it was a big win for the city of Houston itself