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Lake Como used to be the province only for a few noble families, royalty, world leaders, and Old aristocracy.


Despite the locale, global markets use similar pricing strategies


Report points to Macron’s presidential victory as one cause of sales across the country increasing 8% from last year


Unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, the concept car will not just power your home, it will be a part of it


Docking at a port near you in 2019


Wealth-X, the global authority on wealth intelligence, and Camper & Nicholsons, the global leader in luxury yachting activities, have released a first-of-its-kind report on the world’s ultra wealthy and the luxury yachting sector.


For the “Ways of Life” exhibition, top architects and designers imagine a world where people return to living full-time in nature


Tucked away in the mountains of Switzerland, a treasure trove of protected properties and complexes has lain relatively dormant for generations.


Live like Italian nobility (literally) with immaculate frescos from the 1700s for nearly $40,000 per week


Architecture firm MVRDV have recently completed Casa Kwantes, a house in Rotterdam that from the outside appears as a rectangular box but opens up to wrap around a mature olive tree.


The designer puts his own provocative stamp on the high-style apartment that was his famous father’s pride and joy


If you want to have a garage, but don’t want to have it seen, IdealPark Car Lifts have come up with a way of including a garage, but in a very James Bond kind of way.


With his latest collection, the British designer saw the oft-forgotten space as an opportunity to create a high-design hideaway


A German couple preserves original details of their landmark 1905 duplex, then adds a bold décor 


The beautiful Lugano region of Switzerland is not always on the map of some tourists but those in the know are drawn to the rolling mountains and the peaceful views of Lake Lugano.


Faye Toogood is holding her breath. Somewhere in the Czech Republic, her short and squat Roly‑Poly chair (or the “dumpy elephant,” as she fondly calls it) is being cast in solid glass.


Land Rover is dangling a carrot in front of all those who hatch plans to travel to distant locations during the festival season! British luxury carmaker has created a compact Christmas cabin with space for two adults to sleep snugly in North Pole temperatures as low as -20°C.


What USD2 million can buy you in Scotland


Krupinski/Krupinska Architects have designed a small summer house by a lake in the Stockholm archipelago, on a site that in the early 1900s was inhabited by a gardener.


Car shows like the Paris Motor Show are the ideal opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their expertise to the public at large and present their visions of the future with concept cars.