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Exclusive property in Lake Como, Italy


PropGo Luxury


Lake Como used to be the province only for a few noble families, royalty, world leaders, and Old aristocracy.

Then in early 2000, George Clooney put the tranquil Italian retreat reserved for the select few in the spotlight, and now reports have A-List Hollywood elites from Tom Cruise to Billionaires like Rupert Murdoch vacationing and buying many of its Gold Coast Villas.

Now Russian tycoons, B-List celebrities, and hip “Nuevo Riche” are proactively spending untold sums to purchase historic homes from the lake’s aristocratic home owners.

Lake Como real estate has seen a steady appreciation of value and is supported strong vacation rental demands by Europeans, Americans, Russian’s, and Asian’s.

Lake Como real estate has gone from hidden personal retreats for the select privileged few to more mainstream premier luxury villas for sale and rent by the new rapidly growing elite.

This has turned Lake Como real estate which is in limited supply into a highly desirable luxury property investment with very promising long term investment returns.

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