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The next future tallest building in the world could be found in Iraq


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Designing ‘the tallest building in the world’ is something of an ultimate achievement for many architects around the world, and so almost every year we hear news of super-tall towers being planned for various parts of the globe as studios seek to compete and outdo each other at every opportunity.

The current tallest building is that of the Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai, with the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia scheduled to overtake it upon its completion in 2019.

But wait – there’s a new design doing the rounds that will overtake the Kingdom Tower by 152 metres.

The Guardian reports that ‘The Bride of the Gulf’, a proposed super-tall tower design by AMBS Architects, is being planned to be built in the Basra province in southern Iraq.

At 1,152 metres tall, it will comprise 230 storeys, including an 188-m antenna. There will be an additional three buildings adjoined to it, at heights of 724 metres, 484 metres and 61 metres, respectively, with a combined floor space of 1.55 million sqm.

The conjoined four-towers plan was actually inspired by the need for the highest level of security: the 9/11 terrorist attacks highlighted the destruction that could be wrought over solitary skyscrapers. Better be safe than sorry!

Over the south facade of this certified mega-tower will be a glazed canopy giving shade to the lower levels of the complex, dubbed ‘The Veil’, according to Dezeen.

As well as the usual offices, hotels, residences and commercial centres, The Bride will also be home to parks and gardens and even its own railway network.

“Super-tall towers are perceived as an object in the distance,” said AMBS Architects in a statement. “An alien planted in the city, disconnected from the urban scale at ground level. The Bride, on the other hand, will be conceived as a city itself both vertically but also horizontally from the ground.”

“It will be enjoyed by thousands of people in endless ways, within it, on it or under it,” the studio continued. “From walking in the vast shaded parks and promenades at ground level, to having lunch or shopping in a sky-square hundreds of metres above sea level.”

This new vertical city is part of a new masterplan for Basra which aims to maximise population capacity in the city by 2025 while containing the threat of urban sprawl, reports Domain.

Reflecting the global move towards more environmentally friendly structures, The Bride is designed to produce as much energy as it consumes.

No specific site has yet been located for the construction and no start date offered – let’s hope this bride doesn’t get jilted at the altar.


Property Report
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